Campaign Donation Management by the Real Democracy Party

John Manimas, April 30, 2016



PLATFORM AND STRATEGY: To promote vote donation and coalition government as the solution to transform the Two-party Tyranny into a multi-party real democracy.


Campaign donations policy:

Donations should be not less than $20 and not more than $900.  All donations must be by check and must be from an individual or family account.  Donations from any business entity will not be accepted.  Donations written on a business check will be routed to a special account and may be destroyed or re-donated to the NAACP or PLANNED PARENTHOOD ORGANIZATIONS BUT EXCESSIVE DONATION CHECKS WILL NOT BE RETURNED.


Donated funds will be used for:  Travel expenses, communications, campaign advertising, electronic surveillance and security apparatus and security personnel, printing and publications.  Some consultants or temporary employees may receive compensation for their services.  No funds will be converted to income for a candidate.


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