Jack and the Cloudelator

Copyright 2018, John Manimas


It was like the old beanstalk, only real.  Just like technological dreamers imagined for centuries, a kind of elevator straight upward to enormous heights, until it reached above our atmosphere and into outer space.  Made by Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Leo the Lion Musgrave.  All moving and synchronized so that the top end moved with the bottom entry, always above the Earth in the same place -- like it was a part of the Earth.  Reaching to the place that was almost dark.  But we were surprised.  It reached up all right.  It reached heaven.  It reached another realm.  It reached a land of bright clouds and another form of life, happy life.  At least that's what it looked like.  But there were problems, problems hard to define.  Jack and his crew of five, including Jack himself, wrote reports.  The reports became a story.  But people doubted the story, and then even discredited the story.  It became a myth, a fable.  Which means true and significant but not something that really happened.




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