Light Particles Travel in Spiral Path

Welcome to Aquarius, Volume 5, May 2006:

The Spiral Path Theory of Light Illustrated

Spiral A: Small amplitude, low frequency = low energy


Spiral B: Same amplitude as A, greater frequency = greater energy than A


Spiral C: Greater amplitude than A or B, higher frequency than A, less than B, energy equal to or greater than energy of B


Spiral D: Same amplitude as C, greater frequency than C, higher energy than C

(energy equals momentum)




Spiral E: Much greater amplitude compared to D, but very low frequency, less energy than D


Spiral F: Same amplitude as E, but much greater frequency than E, therefore much greater energy than E.

The radiation's impact upon, or damage to, any living or non-living matter is caused by the specific spiral path of the photon particle and the specific molecular structure of the matter. The photon has "high energy" when it has greater amplitude or greater frequency, or both, because it is traveling a greater distance per unit of time. It is therefore actually traveling at a greater velocity, and therefore has greater momentum than the same particle traveling a spiral path with smaller amplitude or smaller frequency. Momentum equals mass times velocity. In this theory, the mass of the particle is constant. The velocity varies, causing the greater amplitude or greater frequency in the spiral path. However, a particle with very low frequency and very high amplitude would have a relatively high energy level, but might not do much damage to certain forms of matter because the broad path of the particle causes it to usually miss the particles of the molecules and therefore result in little or no damage.




Man, spiral path A: Small bullet of low amplitude and low frequency may not be fatal, and might cause only minor harm if it makes a clean hole and does not destroy a vital organ.


Molecule, spiral path A: Photon of low amplitude and low frequency may cause molecular damager only if it makes a "direct hit" on a neutron or proton, or breaks a molecular bond. Note that sunlight damages practically any matter over time.

Man, spiral path B: Bullet with same amplitude as A but higher frequency can now do much greater damage because it is going to act like a corkscrew and pass through a greater portion of any tissue it strikes.

Molecule, spiral path B: Photon with greater frequency now has greater chances to make a direct hit and to break a molecular bond.


Man, spiral path C: Bullet of greater amplitude but lower frequency is still a very serious threat, because it will pass through wide areas of tissue and has a greater chance of destroying a vital organ.


Molecule, spiral path C: Photon may have no greater chances to make a direct hit, but it is traveling with greater momentum and therefore may be able to break a molecular bond or "knock off" an electron or neutron. For paths illustrated under spiral paths D and E, the reader is invited to use their own imagination to estimate the risks of damage.

Man, spiral path F: (Skipping D and E) A bullet with a wide amplitude and high frequency is expected to cause tremendous damage, because it can pass through larger areas of the body, and if amplitude is great enough, it will strike the brain.


Molecule, spiral path F: Photon of greater amplitude and frequency has higher momentum, meaning higher energy, and increased chances of disrupting bonds of any single molecule.

I believe the body of evidence will show that some matter, in particular living tissue, is damaged less by radiation of greater amplitude but low frequency than by radiation which has "less energy" but much smaller amplitude combined with greater frequency, such as microwaves. The Spiral Path Theory offers to explain such a reality as the effect of the specific path of the particle on the specific structure of the living-tissue molecule. The damage caused by radiation is therefore described as not strictly a function of energy level, but rather as a function of the dimensions of the spiral path and the dimensions, structure and types of bonds of the specific form of molecule being struck by that radiation.

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