A “Peace Treaty” among religions (Copyright 2009, John Manimas Medeiros;

from Chapter Twelve of The Primacy of Stewardship, "Learning About Religion":

As a crucial step toward the reconciliation of science and religion, I propose the following peace treaty among all religions. This peace treaty is not “pacifist.” No teacher of religion or practitioner of any religion is required by this oath and treaty to denounce violence or refuse to participate in violence. The oath and treaty requires only that hatred, spiritual exclusion and violence not be attributed to the will of God.

Proposed Peace Treaty among all religions, to be subscribed to by religion teachers:

I am a teacher of religion and I acknowledge and actively support peace among all people and among all religions and religious institutions. I acknowledge and teach that there is one sacred universe of reality, one origin of life and one sacred love of life that inspires all living beings. I accept and teach that any and all acts of hatred or spiritual exclusion or violence are the sole responsibility of the human beings who commit such acts, and neither hatred nor spiritual exclusion nor violence can be an attribute of the Creator God. There can be no instruction or command to hate or kill given by the Sacred Spirit of Life that inhabits the one universe and every human being. Therefore, I shall never attribute human violence to God or the will of God. Any person vested with governmental or political authority who attributes hatred or violence to the will of God has desecrated the teaching and doctrines of my religion.

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