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Are you a free-spirited independent thinker?

Compared to John Manimas, you are a conformist.


American HistoryThe Case Against a President's War -- 1968, John Manimas is later life pen-name of John Medeiros: at


Physics:  Timeworks, at more fun than a barrel of clocks.  No-time is space-time.  Time is a fiction of consciousness.  Exists in our brains only so that we can technologize.  At


Politics:  How about that two-party chicken coop?  Don't just vent and march and speak out on a canned position.  Vote against the two-party system.  Support election reform where the candidates have to apply for a grant.  Why not?  Everyone else applies for a grant.  Have a better idea?  Share it.  The Revolution by Vote is at and       


Science and religion:  Who taught evolution first?  Who is the earliest and most serious environmentalist?  Would you believe Jesus?  The good news Gospel is bad news for bad stewards.  Challenge your mind with The Primacy of Stewardship, at and


World History:  Did the Pythagoreans know how to square the circle?  Yes, they did.  They knew how to construct a straight line with a length of 3.141592654000 and that is pi exactly in the real world.  It is the Secret of Life in the Universe (SOLITU).  They left a set of familiar clues. Why is an iron wire with a length 3.141592654000  meters pi exactly?  Because if you want to make it a little longer, such as 3.1415926541, you have to add a fraction of an atom.  Details at SOLITU, at and 


I invested 48 years of my adult life in these works (1967 through 2015).  My gift to the world, floating in the Pacific Gyre. ------- Get this same file as a PDF: (Fresh PDF) .

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