CAMPAIGN 2020, BALLOT ACCESS  CONFIRMED LIST [This update: July 9, 2020]


submitted means required paperwork has been sent to the state election authority, but not necessarily acknowledged [This update: July 19, 2020]




IMPORTANT! TO CLEAR UP A MISUNDERSTANDING ABOUT THE PLEDGE OF A PERSON WHO VOLUNTEERS TO BE A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTOR FOR John Manimas:  If you do volunteer to be a presidential elector for John Manimas from your state, YOUR PLEDGE TO CAST YOUR BALLOT FOR JOHN MANIMAS AS A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTOR IS ENTIRELY SEPARATE FROM YOUR COMPLETE FREEDOM TO VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATE OF YOUR CHOICE IN THE GENERAL ELECTION.  Although you would be "pledged" (promised) to vote for John Manimas in the exercise of your role as a presidential elector, you are still free to be a member of the Democratic Party or Republican Party or any other party, or independent/no party.  Here is how it works:


There are no specific qualifications for an elector stated in the federal Constitution.


Your state Constitution may have an age or residency requirement, such as age 25 or older, and resided in the state for 7 years or more.  IF, AND ONLY IF, John Manimas is awarded electoral votes by your state, you will be obligated to go to a meeting at your state capital in early to mid-December to cast your ballot for John Manimas.  Your state may require that you be registered to vote and that you be a "member" of the Real Democracy Party (RDP).  You are a member of the RDP if you volunteer and the RDP does not try to control or prohibit your membership in any other legal organization.  We do not want volunteers from any right wing groups or white-supremacy groups because such groups do not support democratic principles and practices. 


Do you want to watch or do you want to play?  The Revolution by Vote is desperately in need of adult volunteers who are willing to accept appointment as their state Presidential Electors pledged to vote for John Manimas, the write-in candidate sponsored by the Real Democracy Party.  If good citizens do not accept this responsibility, we will not have a Revolution by Vote, and if we do not have a revolution by voting for election reforms, we will continue to suffer the violence of white supremacists and a selfish political class controlling the federal government and destroying our democracy and our nation.  WE ESPECIALLY NEED PLEDGED ELECTORS FROM THE STATES OF MAINE (4), NEBRASKA (5), NEW YORK (27), FLORIDA (28), AND OHIO (18) AT THIS TIME.   


You cannot make the changes that must be made by protesting, marching, speaking out, meeting, or joining an "activist" organization.  The minority rule that is protected by the Two-Party System must come to an end and must be replaced with elections reforms that maintain MAJORITY RULE.


Contact John Manimas by postal letter or email.  Please do not attempt first contact by text message, which may be blocked or deleted.  The groups of states to be addressed first are the states listed in the plan of (Project Phases).


Ballot access is confirmed or submitted as follows:


CONFIRMED (New York-29) (NY 29) is the home state of the RDP. ---[Have 2 Electors, need 27 more.]


submitted (Florida-29) (FL 29) --- [Need 28 Florida residents to serve as presidential electors.]

CONFIRMED (Pennsylvania-20) (PA 20).---[Need 20 Electors.]

submitted (Ohio-18) (OH 18).---[Need 18 Electors.]

submitted (Michigan-16) (MI 16).---[Need 16 Electors.]

submitted (North Carolina-15) (NC 15).---[Need 15 Electors.]

submitted (Virginia-13) (VA 13).---[Need 13 Electors.]

submitted (Minnesota-10) (MN 10).---[Need 10 Electors.]

submitted (Wisconsin-10) (WI 10).---[Need 10 Electors.]

missed (Colorado-9) (CO 9).---[Need 9 Electors.]

            not permitted (Nevada-6) (NV 6).---[Need 6 Electors.]

            CONFIRMED (New Hampshire-4) (NH 4).---[Need 4 Electors.]

AND ..... Two proportional States:*

submitted (Maine-4) (ME 4) and ---[Need 4 Electors.]

submitted (Nebraska-5) (NE 5) --- [Need 5 Electors.

*The two proportional states can award their electoral votes to more than one candidate according to the proportion of votes each candidate receives from the state's voters.


The three West Coast states play a special role because of the high electoral total of 74 and being on the West Coast means they are warned of a close election developing before their citizens have voted on election day.

submitted (California-55) (CA 55).---[Need 55 Electors.]

submitted (Washington-12) (WA 12).---[Need 12 Electors.]

submitted (Oregon-7) (OR 7).---[Need 7 Electors.]


Also three small states that always allow write-in voting:

submitted (Alabama-9) (AL 9).---[Need 9 Electors.]

submitted (Vermont-3) (VT 3).---[Need 3 Electors.]

submitted (Wyoming-3) (WY 3).---[Need 3 Electors.]


After the preceding states have been addressed, we will consider whether we want to seek electoral votes from the remaining states.

We do not want to draw votes away from registered Democrats because the Democratic Party is likely to favor elections reforms.



See our (Final Offer), August 5, 2020, to the Democratic Party and House of Representatives.


[ See PDF copy of letter sent to DNC on August 10th, 2020: (To DNC from RDP) ]


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