Construction of Pi as Straight Line

Pi Lover's Challenge

Ladies and gentlemen, start your constructions!

Is 3.141556... really the best value for Pi that can be constructed?

In The Precision of the Ancients, JManimas argues that he has discovered the correct solution to the real riddle of the Great Pyramid, to which the pentangle and the Eye of Ra are clues. JManimas' thesis demonstrates that through fairly simple construction procedures, we can construct a line length of 3.14155655389944902222112102645257... which differs from our abstract infinite Pi (3.1415926535897932384626433832795...) by only 36 millionths of a unit. Therefore, the challenge to lovers of Pi is to prove that JManimas is wrong! Or, will your unsuccessful efforts lend support to the evidence that he is right? All you have to do is get your compass and straightedge and construct a line length that is closer to Pi than 3.14155655389944902222112102645257... .

If no one can construct a line length that is closer to infinite Pi than 3.141556..., that should be taken as evidence that JManimas just might know what he is talking about, and maybe you should take a look at what he has to say about the value of Phi (1.618033988...) being very important, in his section on The Universality of Phi, and why the ancients said that "Proportion is Everything."

This is explained for both beginners and experts, in The Precision of the Ancients.

John Manimas, January 28, 2006

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