Why I am running for the elective office of President

and proposing the Real Democracy Party:

John Manimas, April 30, 2016


1)  To promote vote donation and coalition government as the solution to transform the Two-party Tyranny into a multi-party, real democracy.

To describe a means to transform the dysfunctional two-party system into a truly democratic multi-party system.  I believe all stakeholders will support this goal, including the military forces, when they understand what this means.  To deliberately run as a write-in candidate to frustrate election system fraud by corrupted election officials. To invite all of the States to affirm their most important State Right to appoint the President by means of the Electoral College and cast the Presidential Electoral Votes as each State Legislature so decides.


2)  To have the people see and hear the way that I campaign for office, by naming the leading social and economic problems, and to see how I think and to hear my suggestions for ways to address and solve those problems.  I am qualified for executive office by my experience as a civil servant.


3)  To have the people hear my perception that the Republican Party has been infiltrated by the Ku Klux Klan and has promoted the practices of:  A) voter suppression; and B) allowing a corporation or group of business entities to HIRE a person to run for legislative office and then represent the narrow profiteering goals of those business entities instead of representing their state or district constituents.


4)  To lay a foundation for permanent opposition to the two-party system and permanent advocacy for a real democracy multi-party election system, as was anticipated by the Founders and referenced in the Federalist Papers, a system that would implement the sovereign will of the people with equal effectiveness whether the voters lean to the left or lean to the right.


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