A Universal Explanation for Traveling Faster Than the Speed of Light

Copyright 2019, John Manimas Medeiros


I propose a possible scientific explanation for traveling faster than light, and further, for traveling faster than the speed of gravity waves, and further, for traveling faster than anything without traveling faster at all.  By miniaturization for force, which we already have done, first by controlling the flow of water, and then, more recently, by controlling the flow of electric current.  In this way, the ability to travel "enormous distances" in a short period of time, is explained by the fantastic and utterly unscientific concept of "shape shifting," except that we can elevate the magical fantasy of "shape shifting" to the utterly scientific and well known practice of miniaturization. 


The only element of our scientific viewpoint that has to change is we have to acknowledge that gravity is a force that has a velocity, similar to the way light is a force that has a velocity.  And, we have to go one step further and acknowledge that proportion is a force, probably the fundamental force that creates the universe as we see it.  Then, if we can miniaturize the force of proportion like we miniaturize electric circuits (microcircuits, microchips, computers, calculators, controllers), we could actually miniaturize SPACE or the physical proportions of material objects, including a galaxy, and then move across it at any old speed and get from one end to the other in a proportionately short period of time.  Just as a silly first example, if we could miniaturize the force of proportion in a galaxy by one billion, then we could cross a galaxy a billion light years wide in one year.  Not bad.  Saves fuel.  How crazy is this idea?  Not any crazier than making a microchip that controls the operation of a power plant, or a battleship.  Or a surveillance satellite.  Think about it.  If we wanted to, we could make the components of a microcircuit very large, gigantic resistors, transistors and semicondutors connected by miles of cables.  Then it would be a macrocircuit.  Notice that either way, the electric current travels at the same velocity.  We don't increase the velocity of travel for the moving force of electricity; we change the actual distance traveled by miniaturization.  If we can do this for the force of electric current, then maybe we can do it for the force of gravity, and even for the force of proportion. 


But we would need to understand proportion as force and not simply an arbitrary character of independent physical objects.  In other words, if proportion is a force, the fundamental force, then all physical objects are made of the same stuff, just in different proportions.  Sounds about right.  And, it is the force of proportion that creates the universe.  This is at once incredibly simple and strangely complicated.  But, if we suspend disbelief for a bit, and think of proportion as a force, then we should be able to miniaturize a "circuit" through which the force of proportion operates, making our trip itinerary very small.  Then we can travel from A to B, at our best practical velocity, in a very short time.  And then we "amplify" back to normal size.  This sounds absolutely nuts, I know.  But if this were possible, there would be no obstacle to humanoid beings traveling all over the universe like fleas on a dog.  Extreme velocity would not be necessary at all.  From head to tail in the time it takes for a vacation.


How could we do this?  Review the physical relationships affecting water flowing through a pipe, then electric current flowing through a wire, and then we need to observe and measure the flow of gravity, and then finally the flow of proportion.  This fantastic concept means that if proportion is a force, then it would behave like the other forces we observe:  the force of water pressure, the force of electrical pressure, the force of gravity waves.  While we are in this fantasy world of space travel and moving enormous distances in a short time, let me recall that many reports of UFOs and alien visitors include descriptions of craft or other objects that suddenly grow bigger or smaller.  The fantasy-horror reports of strange animals include descriptions of "shape-shifting" from one form to another, or from human form to animal form.  Our religious myths tell us that an angel or a devil can appear to us in the shape of an ordinary human, or an animal.  Thanks for that.  Occam's razor tells us that if a problem seems intractable or beyond our comprehension, the true solution is probably the simplest solution.  Well, chew on it:  the possibility of a micro "proportion circuit" may be utterly fantastic, but it makes traveling from galaxy to galaxy as simple as a milkshake.  In fact, this explanation is surprisingly similar to our contemporary science-fiction ability of space vehicles to travel at "warp speed."  Warp speed is just ordinary speed in a much smaller universe, like the speed of electric current in a microcircuit.

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