Revolution by Vote 2017

Chat with a neighbor or friend --- 

the first and best way to participate: 


Neighbor:  The politics of this country is driving me crazy.  (or anything like that).


You:  Yeah.  Me too.  But I don't think it's just the politicians.  It's the system.  I vote and I'm thinking about voting against the Two-Party System and for real democracy.  If you vote for "John Manimas" your vote counts as a vote against the Two Party System and for real democracy by vote donation and party coalitions.  We need to change the election system.


Neighbor:  Vote donation?  What does that mean?


You:  It means a minor political party, either progressive or conservative, can donate their votes to a major political party, like the Democrats or the Republicans.  Then the major party has to share power with a minor party because part of the majority voted for the minor party.  In exchange for the vote donation by the minor party, the major party and minor party form a party coalition, and they can then be a majority of much more than 51%.  They can be 60% or 70% of the voters.  Then we would have majority rule, which is a basic requirement if you want a democracy.  The Two Party System is the problem that promotes election fraud and corruption by the wealthy and big corporations.  We need to change the election system.   


Neighbor:  But the Two-Party System is the American way, right?

You:  No, not really.  The Two-Party System is actually a scam.  It has no legal status and is not established by law and could not be established by law.  If there was a law that said we have only two parties, it would be totally unconstitutional.  The people have complete freedom to create and organize political parties anyway they want, as was argued by James Madison in the Federalist Papers.   The Four Lethal Flaws of the Two-Party Tyranny are described online at "John Manimas."


Neighbor:  So what happens when people vote for "John Manimas" as you say.  The voters have to write in his name, right:  "John Manimas".


You:  That's right.  We write in his name so that corrupt election officials cannot say the vote was an error and throw the ballot away.


Neighbor:  But it's still the same as a "third party" isn't it?  Our votes for "John Manimas" get wasted because they don't count for a liberal or a conservative.  They don't help either a Republican or a Democratic candidate.


You:  Nope.  The Real Democracy Party is not a third party because it exists to represent voters who want vote donation and party coalitions to replace the Two-Party Tyranny.   Whatever votes are cast for "John Manimas" or for "Real Democracy," will be donated to either the Republican or the Democratic Party if one of the major parties makes a credible commitment to the seven principles of the Real Democracy Party.



Neighbor:  Seven Principles?  That's a lot.  Are they long?  Sounds like one of those professor's dissertations.


You:  No, not so long, just a couple of pages.  Mainly it means that in order to receive the votes of the Real Democracy Party, a minor party, the major party --  Republican or Democrat --  has to agree to voter registration at birth, no voter suppression, no gerrymandering, and no more lobbying by business entities, which is really the same as a corporation hiring a person to run for office and be their representative in Congress instead of representing the people of their Congressional district.  So all money donated to candidates could only be from individuals and none could come from a business entity or an organization -- not from a labor union or a "pac" [political action committee] or church group and so on, just from individuals.


Neighbor:  Wouldn't that require new laws, or a constitutional amendment.


You:  Nope, nothing at all, just the will of the people.  If we want vote donation and party coalitions, we just have to demand it by voting for it.  The government has no power to tell the people they cannot have their political parties work how they want them to work.  So, with vote donation and party coalitions, when the voters lean to the right, the candidates elected and government policies will lean to the right; and when the voters lean to the left, the candidates elected and government policies will lean to the left.  We will have majority rule and real democracy.  No more craziness of the Two-Party Disaster.  A lot of voters are checking it out.  It's not just an opinion or an idea.  It's a plan.  The Vote Donation Party Coalition Plan.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  [You do not have to make an absolute commitment to vote for John Manimas or Real Democracy.  You make your final voting decision on election day.  You don't have to join a group, contribute money, march anywhere or protest or write a letter to Congress or make a phone call.  Just text and tweet and email and Facebook it and talk about it whenever you are talking politics or about the news with anyone.  All you need to do is say voting against the Two-Party System to replace it with real democracy, real majority rule, is possible.  It is all described at "John Manimas" online.  This is something the voters could do, including the 80 million people who usually abstain from voting.  The Two-Party tyrants will not make any changes in the system on their own because they don't have to.  They are entrenched in power and safe from being booted out by the Two-Party Scam.  They need to fear that they can be voted out of power, and the only way they can be voted out of power is if the Two-Party Partnership is dismissed by the voters.  That would be the Revolution by Vote.] 


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