Revolution by Vote: Citizen Participation


First VDPCP voting program, the Party Coalition Program:

Any citizen may participate in the Vote Donation and Party Coalition Plan by stating to a fellow citizen "I am thinking of voting against the two-party system and for real democracy."   And then, by "real democracy" I mean a multi-party system, as recommended by James Madison in Federalist #10, and coalitions and vote-sharing between a larger political party and a smaller political party.


Second VDPCP voting program, the No-cumbent Program:

The voter makes a public commitment to vote always against an incumbent candidate, unless that incumbent candidate makes a public and credible commitment to support the Seven Principles of the Real Democracy Party.  In  this way voters can enforce term limits without relying on any legislative action.  


Third VDPCP voting program, the No Safe District Program:

The voter changes his or her voter registration records from registration as a member of a specific political party to "independent" meaning not affiliated with any political party, including not affiliated with any political party that includes the word "independent" in its official party name or designation.  If a small percentage of voters in every voting district changed their registration records to "independent" in this manner, the two-party system would not be able to designate the district as "safe" for any candidate of either party in the two-party partnership (Democrat or Republican).


The purposes of all three voting programs are the same:  to cause the two political parties in the two party partnership (Democrat and Republican) and their candidates, to understand that they can and will be removed from power by the voters whenever the voters wish to do so.


Nothing further is required.  Participants are not required to protest or march or write to or call public officials, not required to make any monetary donation.   All these activities are valid expressions of public opinion and citizen grievances, but in order to have legitimate majority rule the people must force the practices of a multi-party system with party coalitions and vote sharing, or the two-party scam will destroy American democracy and the United States of America.


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