Resume                                   John Manimas                                     802 722-4308

January 2016               3466 Morse Brook Road                                Putney, VT 05346


Professional experience:  Coordinator, Community Justice Center, 4 months 2012.


Social Worker for State of Vermont (SRS/DCF-Springfield District).  Child protection and delinquent youth: June 1989 to July 2000.  Adoption Social Worker July 2000 to April 2006.  Total time period:  June 1989 to April 2006.


Child Support Worker for Massachusetts.: December 1986 to June 1989


Personnel Recruiter for Numanco (Health Physics):  December 1985 to September 1986.


Income Maintenance Specialist (Benefits Eligibility Worker):

February 1977 to June 1985                                            


Other relevant experience from June 1966 to February 1977

Social studies teacher (Grades 7-10) 1970-1971

Auto insurance claims representative, church school teacher, youth activities counselor, graduate assistant, administrative assistant, revenue officer June 1966 to April 1968, summer youth recreation program, boys' and girls club program assistant, self-employed as carpenter and gardener.  No significant periods of unemployment.


Education and Training:  Numerous workshops and continuing education in social work subject matter such as:  legal procedures, child development, family dynamics, causes and impact of child abuse, alcohol and drug addiction, brain development.

                                                Total of more than 340 hours of specialized training.


Thirty graduate credits in education and government (Master of Arts in Teaching Program), University of Massachusetts, School of Education (Teacher's Certificate), 1968-1970.


Bachelor of Arts (Political Science), Brandeis University, 1962-1966.

High School Diploma from Andrew Warde (Public) high school, Fairfield, Connecticut,

with one year in Italy as exchange student (Sept. 1960 to May 1961), 1957-1962.


Qualifications for the Office of President:  Thirty years a civil servant, excellent experience for elective office.  I am not employed by any business entity to promote their selfish interests or to support laws to enable them to take profits, control government or escape financial responsibility for causing damage to private or public property or injuries to American citizens.  If elected to the office of President, I will pursue the improvement of civil rights, the rights of labor, and a free market economy, including accountability for all forms of environmental damage caused by commercial or industrial business entities.  Will promote total cost accounting and absolute liability.


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