Government Lies?

No Extraterrestrials Here?

Where are you from?

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Are elected and appointed officials lying to us when they say "There are no extraterrestrials on Earth?" Yes and No. How could that statement be both the truth and a lie at the same time? The answer is "When they are playing the game of politics." Here is my explanation, well-reasoned I think, of how this statement is both true and a lie:


You meet a new acquaintance at a dinner party or gathering of friends. The new acquaintance -- call her "Jane" -- asks you "Where are you from?" This can be a rather awkward question, especially if most of the people at the gathering are from the same racial group and you know that you look different. In the U.S.A. the answer can be simple and direct: from Bridgeport, Connecticut, from Montana, from Alabama, from Los Angeles, from a small town in Pennsylvania called 'Pittsville.' Or, you could pause, briefly off balance, and then respond, "Well, actually I am from a lot of places. My father was an officer in the military and we traveled a lot. And besides, my mother's parents were from two different countries, and they came to the US at different times, and they each lived in a few different states before they got married. So, it seems, I'm from Earth."


Some people might respond to the question with a joke, like "My parents." I just wanted to point out that the true answer to the question "Where are you from," can be different, or complicated, depending on how the question is interpreted, and how we define the word "from." If my current home is in Philadelphia, I could respond "Philadelphia." However, if I interpret the question as meaning "What is your origin? What is your place of birth? Your ethnic group origin? Your national origin?" then I have to respond with some form of national, ethnic or racial identify. Enough. The truthful answer to the question can be complicated, because we are all from many places, depending on how we wish to frame limitations on the meaning of the question. But we can add more interest by modifying the question or adding a related question: "Where is your home?"


So, how do I respond to the question "Where is your home?" I actually might start by saying, "Well, I am kind of a lost soul. I am not sure where my home is right now. But, if you mean my childhood home, that is Fairfield, Connecticut, U.S.A." The truth about my home at present could be uncertain. I could be renting an apartment in Schenectady, New York. I could have been there for seven months and I could say that I am not sure if I consider it my home. If where I am living today is not my home, then where is my home? Where am I from? If I have traveled to and stayed in many different places, how do I apply some meaningful definitions or factors to designate one as my home and all the other places not my "home?"


Let's consider that there is an advanced biological entity, a "humanoid" type of intelligent being, that is many thousands of years ahead of us in evolution and technological development. They have knowledge and intellectual skills far greater than ours, and they have traveled to many planets in many solar systems in the Milky Way Galaxy. However, they originated here on Earth. They live in caves that are both naturally formed and built by them, and most of the underground dwellings for these beings are in formations of rock under water. When they enter and exit their homes on Earth they travel through water, usually the oceans but sometimes lakes, to enter and exit. They have been on Earth for about fourteen-million years. Earth is their origin. Earth is their home. They have traveled to other planets collecting examples of life. They brought a form of life from another planet to Earth and that form of life was protected and managed by them and evolved into us. We are extra-terrestrials. Earth is not our origin. We came from somewhere else. But we call it our home because this is where we live now, and our planet of origin is not in our memories. The superior beings that brought us here consider Earth to be their home, and that is reasonable, by human standards, for them to see things that way.


Therefore, when we ask the government "Are there extraterrestrials on Earth?" and the government agents respond "No," they are telling the truth, because they are playing politics. They are interpreting the question the way we do, like we are asking "Are there non-human biological beings visiting Earth, from a distant planet?" The truthful response is "No," because the advanced biological beings on Earth did not originate on some other planet. They are Earthlings. But at the same time, they could respond with a "Yes," and that "Yes" would be true, because there are extra-terrestrials on Earth. You. You are an extra-terrestrial on Earth. And they don't want to tell us that truth because they are afraid we will not be able to accept the truth and we will act crazy. Or, even crazier than usual. That's why the original "No" for an answer is both true and false. end



Humans Are Not From Earth, 1917, Ellis Silver, Phd.



MUFON: Hangar 1; Gravitas; Uncorked; UFO Files Unsealed; NASAs Unexplained Files; Prime Video, Gaia. Etc etc etc.

John Manimas Medeiros does not claim the content of this brief statement to be his original idea. The content is suggested or stated outright in the sources cited here. The possibility of full disclosure occurring in our lifetime is very high. Hope we are ready.



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