What Will the American People Produce?

An Opinion Storm or Real Plan for Real Democracy?


America has an economy of abundance and an abundance of opinions.  This is the way that the conformist society of America construes participation in the political process:  shout, scream, march, complain, bitch, vent, exaggerate, plus view stand-up comedy in the place of news.  But no number of opinions will fix our government until we implement a real PLAN that entails much more than expressing opinions.    


Fellow citizens and fellow voters, I am a citizen with the most important complaint:  you have betrayed me and my country.  You betray me and your country by tolerating the two-party system and by refusing to replace it with real democracy.  When I was a child I was promised democracy, and after observing the political process since 1956, studying and obtaining a degree in political science, running for office and writing a book about the extreme importance of environmental protection, all I get from my fellow Americans is chatting, texting, spewing, swearing, shouting, joking, sarcasm, insulting, marching and protesting, none of which has led to constructive change.  The Civil Rights Act failed.  Dark-skinned citizens are lynched in the street by bullet and no one is accused of committing a crime.  The rights of the accused are trampled daily.  We are being taught that our worst enemies are terrorists from far away.  In reality, our worst enemy is the cowardice of the American people who are afraid to govern themselves through a process of real democracy.


Because the American people are afraid to govern themselves, they let a small nobility do it for them, and hold dysfunctional elections in the name of the "two-party system" which effectively blocks real democracy and maintains rule by a minority.  The American people know this is wrong, but they have been trained to act as though the only thing they can do is express a disgruntled opinion.  In reality, it is possible to clean up our political mess with a REAL PLAN to retire the dysfunctional two-party partnership.  It can be replaced with a new practice that uses the election process to identify the legitimate majority and then let that majority RULE, which is the fundamental principle of a real democracy.  This could be accomplished simply by voting and by putting into practice vote donation and party coalitions.  Party coalitions between our major political parties and minor political parties would logically identify a legitimate authority elected to RULE.  That is what "res publica" means:  law of the people.  Bernie Sanders should have been been a candidate for President backed by a Progressive Party.  Then, if the Democrats got 40% of the votes and the Progressives got 20% of the votes, they could coalesce into a Liberal Coalition and rule as a legitimate majority.  But that cannot occur with our custom of the so-called "two-party system."  The two-party system reverses the will of the voters and blocks rational election of a legitimate majority by forcing the votes for minor parties to benefit the opposite side of the political spectrum.  No foreign adversary threatens our values as much as our home-grown tyranny.  We will never effectively address our problems through the minority rule of the two-party system.


There is a REAL PLAN for a Revolution by Vote which would enable the voters to retire the two-party disaster and replace it with real democracy.  All of the legal research has been done.  The so-called "two-party system" has no legal basis or legal standing.  It was never authorized by law and could not be because our Constitution does not empower either our federal government or state governments to make laws restricting how the people form political factions and political organizations.  Our people need to demand a NEW democratic elections system that accurately identifies the will of the people and the will of the majority.  I, John Manimas, offer a real PLAN to my country as the write-in candidate for President who will create a party coalition.  If I receive presidential electoral votes I will use them to overturn the two-party system and replace it with the practice of vote donation and party coalitions.  This way I offer you, my fellow citizens, an opportunity to correct my grievance for denying me a real democracy by your abject conformity and cowardice.  If the American people do not adopt a REAL PLAN and act to implement it, the United States of America is going to collapse into a tragic abyss of authoritarian violence.  A write-in vote for John Manimas is a vote against the two-party system, not a vote for a third party.    


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