Second Campaign Message of write-in

Presidential Candidate John Manimas


[Please see the online documents that explain how the purpose of the Real Democracy Project is to retire the Two-Party Tyranny and replace it with an election system that results in majority rule.]


The President has policy positions and recommendations as an executive officer.  The President needs to solve complex problems and make executive decisions, enforce the laws and implement policies and programs approved by the Congress.


My first recommendation to the people and the Congress is and would be, if I were elected, to address both domestic and foreign policy concerns by a national and worldwide commitment to clean drinking water for every citizen.  One of my first acts as President is that I would, with the support of the Congress, order that the American Armed Forces and the scientists in the employ of the United States devote suitable time and effort to the goal of providing clean drinking water to every American citizen AND develop suitable international agreements and programs to achieve the worldwide goal of clean drinking water for every person on planet Earth.  Such a planetary commitment will sound expensive to our people at first.  It may require temporary suspensions or delays in programs of space exploration and military weapons development.  However, upon reflection, it can be shown by actual accounting calculations and statistical analysis that clean drinking water for every person would produce enormous savings resulting from dramatic reductions in water-borne diseases and related public health costs. 


As a political policy on the worldwide scale, this commitment by the people of the United States will produce a positive attitude toward democratic government, our people and our nation.  This commitment would also serve as a powerful unifying force causing people throughout the world to trust in the possibility of international cooperation and peace based on upon the practical role of government to serve the needs of the people rather than spend time and treasure to raise ideological differences to the level of armed conflict.  This commitment would show everyone in the world that we can face our challenges together and we all care about one another.  We all want the same good things for others that we want for ourselves.  I recommend this foreign policy and I recommend that it would be extremely successful as a means to maintain a strong level of trust among our friends and allies in the world.


Another related act that I wish to be among my first acts, if I am elected President, is to suspend space exploration programs and military weapons development in order to devote our time and treasure, federal funds and our best scientists to the urgent tasks of:

            A)  Removing carbon dioxide and methane from our atmosphere;

            B)  Reducing the world's human population;

            C)  Designing and preparing for economic systems to address the replacement of human labor with robots;

            D)  Designing and preparing for economic systems that are based on stable inventories of economic needs as opposed to the concept that growth in production and consumption can be continued indefinitely.


I am a practical person and I see the Two-Party Partners as offering highly impractical ideas to the voters of the United States.


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