Revolution by Vote 2017

Vote Donation and Party Coalition Plan


Don't just abstain!  Don't just complain!

Jump off the runaway Two-Party Train!


Hey, neighbors --  you who do not vote because you know the Two-Party System is a scam.   All 80 million of you can vote against the Two-Party Tyranny by writing in the name of "John Manimas" for president, or for senator (federal or state), or for representative (federal or state), or for mayor.  Because, it is published and known beyond any doubt that when you write in that name (my name) you are casting your vote AGAINST the Two-Party Partnership and FOR real democracy.  And that means real democracy by means of vote donation and party coalitions, a multi-party system where major political parties and new or minor political parties form party coalitions in order to organize a majority that can exercise legitimate majority rule.  Wouldn't you like to replace the minority rule we have now with majority rule?  This is a PLAN and not just another opinion or third party, a plan to retire the Two-Party Disaster and replace it with real democracy.  The Real Democracy Party does not ask you for money or any action, not asking you to write a letter or make a phone call or march with a sign.  All those things have been done and the elected officials do not have to listen to you because there is no real political competition.  They use every scam one can think of, including voter suppression and vote capturing (Gerrymandering) so that they just keep getting re-elected.  It is all spelled out here online.  Jump off the fraudulent Two-Party Train before it crashes and destroys your government and your country.


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