Help for Your Spiritual Journey

Are you on a spiritual journey? How would your thoughts and your life be influenced if you suddenly realized that the purpose of the Christian Gospels, whatever their true source may be, was not to teach morality to children and childish adults, but rather to teach evolution and how natural selection will operate upon us, the human species?

Did you ever notice that the kingdom of heaven is a selector? The net and the fishes; the wheat and the weeds; the pearl of great price; the treasure in the field; those who behave properly at a wedding feast and those drunkards who are thrown out; the good servants who earn trust and are rewarded with greater responsibilities and the bad servants who are fired. What do the good stewards all have in common? What do the bad servants have in common? What is it that we are called to take care of? Is survival of the good steward survival of the fittest?

On your journey, have you looked at doors and decided they are to be closed and locked? Should you unlock this door, test this path? Take a bold step on your journey, test the path of The Primacy of Stewardship: The Handbook for Christians Who Believe in Democracy and equality, and social justice, and environmental protection, protection of the pearl of great price, our beautiful blue pearl planet Earth.

Wishing you the best,

John Manimas Medeiros

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