What is "expertise" of John Manimas?

Expert (Webster's unabridged): one who has acquired special skill in or knowledge of a particular subject through professional training or practical experience.

My religious self-definition is "owned" by another domain? What does this mean? (Meaning of SR)

By virtue of my attitude and temperament I prefer to invite you to decide for yourself my status as "expert" or less than expert. My subject of interest is "the human identity" and "the reconciliation of science and religion." No degree is offered in either field. My professional training is that of a certified teacher and social worker, BA in political science and graduate studies in government and education.

My "practical experience" is 25 years in human services, 17 years of social work, and a lifetime of study of history and the social sciences, emphasis on how people learn and categorize knowledge, also including related studies in personality development, brain development, mathematics, physics, geometry, trigonometry, time, ecology, biology. Social work inservice workshops and continuing education more than 300 hours.

Religious education teacher in United Church of Christ for seven years.

I share my viewpoint and "expertise" through my website (jmanimas.com) and my book: The Primacy of Stewardship: The Handbook for Christians Who Believe in Democracy.

My mission is that you will study the Gospels using The Two Principles and the Five Questions.

I developed these guiding study principles and questions when I was determined to examine the Gospel message as though it were an entirely new discovery, with my mind free of the fixed doctrines and interpretations inherited from our authoritarian religious traditions. This guide is based upon the viewpoint that God -- or whoever is the source of the Gospel -- wants to inspire us and inform us on who we are, not just motivate us with a parental lecture on moral behavior.

Principle A) The Gospel message is about scientific facts, not about morality;

Principle B) The purpose of the Gospel message is to tell us what we need to know, what we need to know in order to survive and thrive as a species;

The five questions:

1) What is the kingdom of heaven?

2) What is the main theme or main idea conveyed by the parables?

3) Why are there so many parables about good servants and bad servants?

4) What do all the good servants have in common?

5) What do all the bad servants have in common?

-----> Or, if you want to make this easier for yourself, read my book: The Primacy of Stewardship!


The Primacy of


The Handbook for Christians

Who Believe in Democracy

by John Manimas


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